Lomography Belair – a review

10. April 2017 Review-en

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter at Ebay.

For a long time I was searching for a handy medium format camera to carry around when I’m outdoor.
The Kiev 60 is a superb camera but toooo heavy to carry around.
The Seagull is also a good one, but I was looking for a camera with viewfinder.
So I was very happy to find the Belair and made a bargain at Ebay.


Until now I have photographed two films. Both outdoor. The first one with the 90mm lens, the second one with 58mm.
Both films were Ilford HP5.

The first results were a little bit dissapointing.
I have seen some nice pictures before and so I was really surprised that I only shot blurred photos.
Even with infinite focus and good light.
At first I guessed that maybe the lens is the problem so I tried the second 58mm.

Thats results were better, but still not 100% satisfying:

After some research, I have come to the presumption that perhaps the problem with loose film could be responsible.
A few times I’ve read that you should fix the film a little and just spool it shortly before photographing.

I really like that camera and I will give it another try.
So look forward to more results… and I’m still searching for a Instant back… 😉

Update: 04.10.2017

In the meantime I shot another test film.

My first try to fix the film a little didn’t work.
The foam inside the camera first blocked the film and was then fed into the spool.

To spool the film shortly before photographing wasn’t very convincing.

From the 12 images on the negative only 2 were quite satisfying.

The first images was shot in closest range, the second one with ca. 2 metres distance.
The pictures with infinity setting were just okay.
All images between that settings are not worth to show… all out of focus.

I have to see what to try next…