Pornfilmfestival 2017 – Diary

20. Oktober 2017 Blog-en
Fahrt nach Berlin zum Pornfilmfestival 2017
Equipment für den Berlin-Trip

From 25th to 29th of October this years Pornfilmfestival takes place in Berlin at the Moviemento. Like the years before I will be there. And I’m connecting the festival week with a Nick Cave concert taking place at 22nd of October at the Max-Schmeling-Halle and with several meetings and other happenings.

For all cases, I have a few cameras packed. So if you have the time for a spontaneous meeting, simply mail me … till 29th I am in the city… 😉

Here comes a small Pornfilmfestival diary:

Day 8 – 30th, October 2017

Last small entry, before we come back to the „normal blog“.

On Sunday I wanted to end quietly and after a leisurely breakfast with my lovely hostess and a subsequent meeting for coffee I drove to the train station in the afternoon. Thanks to the nocturnal storm over northern Germany, however, all long-distance rail traffic was canceled, so I had to extend my stay by one more night.

In the evening, unfortunately, headaches stopped me from attending the final party, so I have to postpone it to next year again.

The winning films have already been announced on the homepage of the Pornfilmfestivals. Congratulations from me, too!

Day 7 – 28th, October 2017

On Saturday I made it into a screening again. I watched La muñeca fea / The ugly doll. A very urgent and recommendable documentary from Mexico, which reports of a retirement home, in which only former and partially still active prostitutes live.

Today I want to point out to this years artists who showed some of her photographs and drawings/paintings in the lounge of the Moviemento.

PFFB 2017 - Gender Studies by Frank Versace
Frank Versace beim Pornfilmfestival 2017

My favorite that year were the works of the artist Frank Versace. Here in my picture I put some stars on the details of his Gender Studies. On his homepage there are pictures but of course also uncensored.

Let’s see what Sunday still brings and if my train will drive home after yesterday’s storm over Northern Germany…

Day 6 – 27th, October 2017

Finally my first day at the festival without screening. But with a nice time at the lounge with interesting chats.

In the evening followed the culinary highlight of my trip to Berlin … the traditional visit of the Schnitzelpuffs in Friedrichshain, with the best Wiener Schnitzel outside of Austria!

Day 5 – 26th, October 2017

I have already lost the day orientation and can only calculate the day of the week with the festival program… 😉

Thursday was my retrospective day. For the first time at the festival ever I looked at a retrospective film … and was not disappointed.

As a part of the series „Ecstasy & Desire: Tatsumi Kumashiro and the porno novel“ there are 5 selected films shown at the Pornfilmfestival, which were made among the 1.000 sex films of the large Nikkatsu Corporation Studio between 1971 and 1988 and are in their way succinct or outstanding.

Thursday was the day of Film „the world of geisha“. A film made in 1973, in the Japanese original with English subtitles.

I was surprised right at the beginning, that the film actually ran off 35 mm rolls and not digital. The initial sound and picture problems had their charm and did not detract from film enjoyment, also because they were always relatively quickly repaired.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be 3 more movies shown at the Moviemento, just check the program!

Day 4 – 25th, October 2017
PFFB 2017 - Program - Pornfilmfestival
Das Programm des 12. Pornfilmfestivals

Today I had visited the first screenings and also met first nice festival visitors.

The Berlin shorts were an interesting start into the festival and offered a whole range of exciting stories. Just like Skyler Braeden Fox Porn-Documentary „The 36-Year-Old-Virgin„, and also Tchivetts Urban-Dance-Choreo „Zombie queer punk urban post porn horror show“.

Expectantly exciting and varied was the short insight into the creative work of Lina Bembe with the „Performer in focus“-special.

My personal highlight, and I am looking forward to it year after year, was the short film competition. This year, 9 short films tries to receive the favor of the jury and to take the 500 € award home with them.
As in every year, 2017 was again a year of experimental, funny, thoughtful and quiet and noisy films. I do not want to present any positive or negative. If you like to see them for yourself, you can still do it on Sunday, 12 o’clock at the Spektrum.

Day 3 – 24th, October 2017

The silence before the storm. On Wednesday in starts for me.

Ptzine 4 & 6 Cover

So I had the time to think forward for what all should happen after the festival. In the evening I could start a little photoshooting (pictures coming soon) and I recognized the covers of my photozines no.4 and 6 are looking almost identical. Nobody told me that yet… 😉

From both zines you can order the last numbers at the shop

Day 2 – 23rd, October 2017

Monday morning I had an extensive breakfast in Friedrichshain and visited afterwards the dearest Saskia at Hautnah in Uhlandstraße. In the evening I was in the cinema and watched Blade Runner 2049. Absolutely recommendable if you already liked the 1st part!

Tonight the Pornfilmfestival is officially launched. But for me it will start tomorrow. At first on Wednesday I’m from 12 o’clock at the Berlin Porn Shorts and will visit at 6 p.m. the Performer in Focus-Special with Lina Bembe. Last but not least starts at 9 p.m. the Shorts competition.

I am looking forward and will report. But perhaps we meet between the performances.

Day 1 – 22nd, October 2017

The festival has not yet really started, but somehow it did. At least „someone“ at the Nick Cave concert gave me 4 CDs by Alex Puddu with the soundtrack to The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Vol.3. If you are interested in one of the CDs, speak to me at the festival.

The concert was great. Nick Cave is just for loving. Videos and pictures of his concert at the Max-Schmeling-Halle will certainly be somewhere on the net. My last live experience with the Bad Seeds was 21 or 22 years ago. The next one will hopefully not be so far away.

Now I will use today (Monday) and tomorrow to see a few people and do other stuff, before then on Wednesday the Pornfilmfestival really starts. Maybe we’ll meet… 🙂

Please take note of the availability of the shop for the time of my trip!