Last films of Polaroid

14. November 2017 Blog-en

Last November weekend, I photographed my last three Peel-A-Part Polaroid films.

Polaroid & Holga
The Holga with its back, the Polaroid 330 and my last films

On the one hand there was a last Fuji FP-100 silk, a Polaroid 100 sepia film and some last pictures of the Polaroid Viva Color. For the first two films I used my Polaroid 330, I still had the Viva film in my Holga Polaroid back.

The Viva has been slumbering for several years in the Polaroid back of the Holga and I was not sure if there would be even recognizable pictures out there. The first picture was unfortunately destroyed, because the paper has become cracked and could not be pulled out. The development failed. The last two pictures of the film then succeeded… 🙂

Selfportrait - Polaroid, 2017

I already inserted the Fuji film into the Polaroid camera some time ago, but my confidence in success of the pictures was greater than in the Viva film. Even the Fuji film did not disappoint me.

Finally it was the sepia’s turn. The film had expired for several years, but was always well stored. Unfortunately, the first two shots were too dark, until I found out that the 1500 Iso-Film would not be developed like a black-and-white film, but rather as a color film. After this shots, however, even this film put out useful results.

Selfportrait - Polaroid, 2017
selfportrait with Seagull

In the meantime, however, the films have generally become too expensive for me. At Ebay you can pay meanwhile up to 40 € and more for a single Fuji film (for 10 shots!). The Polaroid movies are actually hardly to get.

If someone find such a film at the basement or in the attic, it would certainly still find use here…. 🙂