Back to the studio

1. Dezember 2017 Blog-en

Unfortunately I can not show first results yet. But at least I was able to do the first test shoot in the studio. On this occasion, I also tried using flashlights, even if that were not so much my thing in the past.

The originally scheduled shoot could not take place, but after a little persistent search, I found a suitable and gorgeous „test model“. Thank you very much for this!

Back to the studio

I’ll definitely go back to the studio soon and then there are definitely results to see. But only in the new year 2018…

So long I also have to wait to get my daylight film developer unit, because, due to the high demand, the production shifts into January / February.

Meanwhile, I have already a pack of films in the fridge waiting to be developed…

Come with me and believe me. 2014. Holga
With Holga at the hotel

Until then, here and now also in the Holga gallery, a picture from 2014. Created with the Holga and ringflash. There will be more shoots like that in the future.

Anyway, I want to shoot more on film again … if only my Lab-Box is here… 😉