Everything as New

18. Januar 2018 Blog-en

The first two weeks of January have already come to an end. I’m one year older and the move within Wuerzburg is almost over. Now Everything as New.

Okay I'm doing it - Umzug 2018
The first picture stand at its wall

These days the new Lomo’Instant Square Camera should reach me. I am already looking forward. And I will of course report on first results and tests.

In addition, I expect in January the delivery of the remainder of my first published photobook „black squares“. There will also be a small promotion in the shop.
And the next Photozine should actually be tackled in the first quarter of 2018. I already have ideas. Let’s see if it comes to an implementation… 😉

Photodarium Private 9. Januar 2018
9th of January at the Photodarium Private

And, oh yes, if someone missed my picture in the Photodarium at the beginning of the year…