In the shadow realm of the wild twenties

24. Januar 2018 Review-en

The furnishing of the new apartment drags on. So I am just happy, if I can sit on the sofa in the evening and relax.Fittingly I have got a small fine brochure named „In the shadow realm of the wild twenties“.

Im Schattenreich der wilden Zwanziger
Eben eingetroffen „Im Schattenreich der wilden Zwanziger“

Jan Bürger traces inside the 1904 Berlin-born writer and actress Ruth Landshoff-Yorck, who had to leave Germany due to the Second World War and had to emigrate and died in New York in 1966.

In her estate, and the part of it, which was donated in 2016 to the Deutschen Literaturarchiv Marbach, literary drafts and letters were found and in addition also many negatives of nude photographs of the photographer Karl Vollmoeller. These mainly were taken in the twenties in Berlin. They mostly show Ruth Landshoff-Yorck herself as well as Josephine Baker and other dancers and young women.

In the shadow realm of the wild twenties Jan Bürger is now following the story behind the photos published for the first time. Biographer Thomas Blubacher explains how he came upon her and reconstructed the excessive life.

My conclusion

Because I like to look at pictures „with charm“ and the text is well written and formulated, I really like the brochure.The photographs by Vollmoeller are well selected and reflect a wide range of images. In addition, they show Ruth Landshoff in different facets and Josephine Baker is not too short.The texts read fluently, even if now and then many quotes are interspersed, and seem to be very well researched.

„Im Schattenreich der wilden Zwanziger“ / „In the shadow realm of the wild twenties“ is published by Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach and even to order there.

68 pages, numerous illustrations. Thread-stitched brochure. 2017. ISBN 978-3-944469-29-4. EUR 10,00

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