Jungsheft and Giddyheft – a look back

27. Februar 2018 Blog-en
Jungsheft und Giddyheft
A stack of Giddyhefte and Jungshefte

I made my first pictures for Giddyheft in 2011 for issue 8. Meanwhile, we have 2018 and Jungsheft and Giddyheft have arrived at issues 23 and 20. Since then I had photo series in many issues and also on one or another cover. Time for a quick review.

The magazine

Jungsheft and Giddyheft are both self-published DIY magazines. They appear several times a year and contain various (more or less explicit) photo series, interviews, reports and much more. Everything revolves around the topics of sex, lifestyle, music and more…

Bei den Fotoserien komme ich ins Spiel, auch wenn ich tatsächlich in der Vergangenheit auch schon mal in Textform vertreten war. Da kommt vielleicht auch bald etwas neues.

When it comes to photo series, that’s my game, even though I was actually represented in text form in the past. There may be something new sooner or later.

Girls and boys

Quickly counted I come to 12 series, which I photographed for Giddyheft and 1 series for Jungsheft. Plus the set that I photographed yesterday and which will be on displayed in the upcoming Giddyheft.

Usually I know the guys and/or girls that I photograph for one of magazines even before the shoot. With some of them I have already taken pictures, others I have met in person.

In a few cases there were already blind shootings, where you really met for the first time at the day of shooting. That has always worked in the past. At least you’ve already talked about the type of pictures before and you should bring a little spontaneity in general…

There is not even THE specific type of person I am looking for the magazines. Just as with my other photo works, an interesting character or an exciting feature is much more of a preference to me than an 0815 doll. In addition, the pictures are usually more explicit, so you should bring some openness.

In the series, for me it’s mainly about showing naturalness. I want to show „real“ boys and girls. Openness and eroticism, happy to be explicit. After all it’s a „porn“-magazine… ;)But I do not think much of stereotypes or kitsch. In addition, I don’t want too much staging. An entertaining story and gladly not taken too seriously. All packed in 5 to 8 pictures… voila!

Pornfilmfestival Berlin - Giddy-Girls - 2015
View into the exhibition Giddy-Girls at the Pornfilmfestival 2015

In my photo gallery Giddy-Girls you can find a small insight into past series, which I also was able to present on the occasion of the Berlin Pornfilmfestivals 2015 as an exhibition.

Locations and settings

Anyone who knows the magazines also knows that the topics and places where the photo series for the Jungsheft and Giddyheft are shot are manifold.

The first shootings I did with the girls at their homes. This always works quite well. Everything is familiar and you can be free and relaxed. I still like to go back to that.

Jungsheft and Giddyheft
Many shootings … different settings

At some point I realized that it’s also exciting to take pictures in places that are common and familiar, but where you do not necessarily (normally) meet someone naked. So I already photographed in a cinema, in a shoe store, a record shop and in my favorite pub. My already rented (but still unrelated) apartment has kept for a shoot as well.

Outlook – Jungsheft and Giddyheft in the future

For the future I look forward to new exciting shootings. Would be nice to do somethings again for Jungsheft.

Of course, I try to stay true to my photography and to find interesting boys and girls. In the past, some series in the magazines have missed explicitness (at least in the Giddyheft). But I hope for improvement … and try to lead by example.

So I hope the magazines will be around for a long time. I still have a lot of ideas for further shootings. And hopefully there will be a lot more volunteers to get photographed… 🙂