Ready, set, Studio

8. Februar 2018 Blog-en

So I can announce that the equipment of the new studio is almost complete. Soon there will be photos of the construction.

From now on, I can photograph and work in the rooms of the Wilde 13 in Wuerzburg. I brought my photo background, at least the tripods, from Berlin. Only a new molton background I had to get. Other backgrounds will follow. Studio flashes are available. A first of my day-light lamps is already there.

Until all is complete and everything is ready for use in the studio, I can already use the small heated side room. It’s perfect for portraits and close-ups. Here is one of the first results:

Jasmin im Studio. 2018
First portrait out of the Wilde 13

When the complete background is in use there is a lot more space to photograph available. Then the motifs can show „more body“ again.

Of course I’m looking for models for this year again. Not only for pictures in the studio, but also for taking pictures in nature or at special locations. And of course also for Giddyheft or Jungsheft. So if you feel addressed, whether with experience in front of the camera or not, feel free to contact me.