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8. März 2018 Blog-en
Instagram @ralffranz_wue @9squareapp
Picture of 9 parts at Instagram

Now that I’ve uploaded such a nice 9square-image on Instagram, I dare not to post anything newer … otherwise everything is broken at my profile… 😉

(The app that I used to create the big image is called 9square and available for Android. Maybe also for iOS.)

The past week was just a little quiet here. There were no updates. On the one hand that was because I was busy with the pictures from the last shoot for Giddyheft. There is already a first preview Polaroid on my Instagram account.

And on the other hand, it’s also related to the current Würzburg Web Week (#wueww). Tonight I’m participating on two events. And this weekend should also actually take place a 24-hour podcast of my colleague Ralf from I would have been there for an hour after midnight. But unfortunately because of illness the podcast cannot take place and has to be moved… 🙁

PTzine 006 Cover
Photography & Thoughts Photozine #6

In addition to that all, I’ve finally made it and created an extra page for the photozine next to my Facebook pages on photodesign and the black squares photo book. Please follow there too and you will not miss any news. Issue 7 will follow soon!

Note: Currently only the photo design account is online …