Taking pictures on film

28. März 2018 Blog-en

So I really started taking pictures on film around the year 2004. Since that time a lot of negative films have accumulated in my archive …

After first steps with my first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 995), I came to photography on film relatively quickly.
With a first small Nikon F55 I photographed the first things. In addition, I also experimented a lot. From the Lomography action cam to the Fed 5… There were a lot of different cameras.

I don’t want to list all the cameras I’ve owned and / or still own. Also, I do not want to go into all the different films that I have photographed. There are a few cameras here at least. Only the important facts…


Red coat. 2012
Holga and Ringflash in action

I found the first real treasure with the Holga. This small and inconspicuous plastic camera can convey such a chubby atmosphere when taking pictures. It can also bring you back to the hard facts of photography. For example, if you get back a film from developing with just a black or white negative strip of film.

But time shows, even from these stripes you can still learn a lot. If at least experience, then from case to case also ghostly shadowy moments that often come to light only after scanning.
Not to mention the involuntary double exposures …

In addition to really countless exciting moments, the camera has brought me closer to the love to the square and the exciting medium format.


Although I have often taken a big step around „new“ cameras, I have rarely fallen for the well-tried ones.It was almost the other way around… 😉

If I look at the films in my archive, then both the Nikon F80, for 35mm photography, and the Seagull, for 120mm medium format photography, were my next steps.I still like to use both of them today.

Safe from harm. 2009
Artistic nude with Kiev 88

At that time I also tried to expand working with the medium format. Unfortunately, my Kiev 88 only worked a few years before it (for me) was not repairable anymore.
Just like it is with the Seagull, I love to take pictures using the light well and try to use it as often as possible.


Of course, I also have my favorite types of film which I like to work with and still do. If they still exist…

Together. 2006
The Nikon F80 out of the studio

Above all the Ilfords. The HP 5 was (and is) my favorite one. Also, because I photograph mostly with relatively little light in the studio (and of course the Holga needs a lot of light), I use 400 ISO or higher if possible.

The Kodak T-Max 400 has always served me well, even if I use(d) this with the Holga the most.

Although the „good brands“ are becoming less and less, quite a bit is happening in the film market. Kodak is redeveloping the P3200 and there are plenty of new small film companies around. So there remains the hope for more good material to work…


In the past I have always led my films developed at the photo lab of my trust. After moving to Würzburg, there has not yet been a „good new relationship of trust“…

That’s why I am, like thousands of other photographers, waiting for the Lab-Box from ars imago. So this small handy photo lab comes to an end and should actually be delivered at the end of this summer, I can also develop my films on my own.

There are some exposed films already waiting for their development in the fridge and a decent stack of fresh films is waiting for insertion into a camera in the cellar.

Hopefully, this new chapter of my „photographic work“ will start soon… 🙂

What comes…

As I wrote in one of the last blog posts, I now have the opportunity again to work with studio background and photo lamps.

The room is big enough so that I can put my Kiev 60 in position. And some things are already planned or at least already in my head…

Out of my archive. Berlin, 2006
The Seagull is still good with less light.

So … actually I wanted to write something about my photo archive. But now it was rather a „taking pictures on film“ … well, next time… 😀