First Polaroids from the studio

24. April 2018 Blog-en

These days I’m quite busy. There is a lot to be done, there are still some things to be clarified. So here’s a little life sign from me and some first polaroids from the studio.

In the middle of the month we had a weekend visit here in Würzburg from the wonderful Jenz Mau. One day we spent at the Wilde 13 and another day we visited the forest. There are a lot of photographs…

Now, hopefully, I’ll get to work with pictures soon. Then, on the usual channels (here, Instagram and Patreon) there will be a lot to be seen.

And on the occasion, I also just want to refer again to my shop. The black squares-book is currently still available at a reduced promotional price and there are always some of the older photozines available…

… and I’m looking forward for the new Giddyheft. It should also appear in the coming weeks. Again with a series I photographed. I have already shown some small previews on Instagram… 🙂