30. Mai 2018 Blog-en

I don’t want to start a whine blog, but just mentioned… #censorshipsucks

Jenz Mau, 2018 #censorshipsucks
Jenz Mau came for a visit

Instagram once again deleted one of my pictures. Because of „Verses against the Community Guidelines“. In my profile there are 100 similar pictures. They were apparently okay. I do not want to talk about my timeline at first…


I’m looking for another way to post more regular pictures. Which in best case I do not have to censor. And in the best best case, I still keep control of the data, and don’t need to post them on other servers.

Perhaps one possibility is the social network diaspora*.  I have already created a profile: Link

Possibly also the Instagram alternative PixelFed becomes a possibility. But it is still in the test phase.

Screenshot Patreon

Until I find a final solution, I will regularly fulfill my Patreon-Account.
Weekly I will post a picture for the public, as a supporter (patron) you have also direct access to all still posted uncensored images and of course to the future ones. In addition to this, you can find Photozine #1 downloadable as PDF.

Currently it is possible to support my work with $ 1, $ 3 or $ 8 dollars monthly. The money which comes together will be used to support other patrons and to buy films for my cameras or to finance new projects.