Hot June… Giddyheft and Jungsheft

8. Juni 2018 Blog-en

June continues well. Now great post from Cologne has reached me. And although there are now the latest issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft ready to order… 🙂

Giddyheft 21 & Jungsheft 24
Giddyheft 21 und Jungsheft 24 sind da

Also in issue 21 of Giddyheftes a new series photographed by me is included.

Stephie for Giddyheft #21
Mit MissPorcelain in Würzburg

In „good’ol tradition“ I continue to try to integrate localities of my „everyday life“ into the series. This time I was with charming Stephie in my favorite Würzburg pub. Well, who recognizes the stairs?

Jungsheft comes already to issue 24. So it’s actually time again for a contribution from me, right?

To Giddyheft I just want to mention that I like the development back to more explicit images very much.Of course, not every series should be the same. The little differences make the whole story exciting. But hey… the mag is „Ab 18″… 😉

Please order and continue to buy the magazines, then there will be many more!

At the end also my obligatory call:

For new series I’m always looking for new girls and boys. Contact me!