Patreon, oh Patreon

20. Juni 2018 Blog-en

Small update to the Patreon-Chaos, because it was hard work to get my account activated again. With some adjustments it’s now online again. The account on Patreon was suspended for about two weeks and the contact with the support team was some kind of bumpy.

Patreon 2018-06-19
My new Patreon-account

Now I was creative and designed a guaranteed non-invasive banner in which I did not have to censor anything. Unfortunately, I also had to take off many „problematic“ pictures from the public area.

What was to complain ?

Of course there were adjustments in the community guidelines. Maybe they existed for a longer time. At least Patreon now seems to be paying closer attention to their compliance. Even if I still know many pages that are similar to mine.

The main reason for the changes are probably legal adjustments of FOSTA/SESTA in UK. (Here is a contribution by Selina Mayer on Patreon) Fact is now that representations of censored nudity as well as implied nudity are no longer desirable in the all public area of ​​Patreon.

In addition to that you have to mark the account always as containing „Adult content“, so that it can not be found the search engine by others. And also the NSFW-filter seems to be new, which you have to deactivate before you can see the pictures…

And now Patreon?

Is this still fun? Finally I have to see how long the effort is worth the time. Especially since I’ve already pulled the rip cord on Facebook and registered my pages for photo design, the photozines and the photo book for deletion.

Also on Instagram I probably will not post censored pictures anymore. Or only censored pictures if I have photographed them elsewhere.

In the future I will increasingly post on diaspora* and on my own website. I have more freedom. Cross-postings at my Twitter-channel will continue of course.  I do not see any other options right now.

black squares 01_001
My first photo book „black squares“

Of course you can also support me away from Patreon. On the one hand with purchases of Photozines or photo books directly through my webshop or viaEpubli.

An alternative to Patreon would be Liberapay. But I have to check that …