Photodarium Private – the 3rd

16. Juni 2018 Blog-en
Der 16. Juni im Photodarium

Today, June 16th, there is the third Polaroid in this year’s Photodarium Private of mine. I photographed it in summer of 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera on a Sunday summer walk.

A few more pictures in the Photodarium Private will follow this year… 😉 Continues on 3rd of September. Who should have missed the first two Polaroids: that was the 9th of January and the 5th of April.

Both calendars, the standard edition and the private edition, can now be ordered directly from Seltmann & Söhne with a 50% discount. The past years even also…

New in the bookshelf

Recently published, and after a small inner-European odyssey through Belgium and the Netherlands, a wonderful new Polaroid photo book reached me past week.

The Eyes Of The Fox - Carmen De Vos
Carmen de Vos neues Polaroid-Buch „The eyes of the fox“

Some of you may already know the Belgian photographer Carmen De Vos from the Polanoid-forum or the, unfortunately too soon finished, Tickl-Magazine.

In her now published book „The Eyes Of The Fox„you will find an amazing collection of Polaroid photographs from more than 10 years of artistic activity. Like almost no one else she knows how to use expired Polaroid films. In extravagant style, she stages such erotic and peculiar shots that invite a second or third look.

For Polaroid lovers and friends of erotic photographs, the photo book is an absolute must.


As of today, 16.06.2018, my Patreon account is still suspended. Till now, the exact reason for the deactivation is still unknown to me. However, I either tap on a new algorithm that has discovered too much bare skin on my public home page, or there are more problems with the DSGVO than the site’s operator has imagined.

The last possibility I have snapped in a diaspora-post on the subject. Against the first possible reason, I could only counteract with a re-upload of the banner and some other images. The remaining other more permissive images are actually only in the closed area.

Patreon suspension 2018

I am still looking forward to a feedback from the „Trust & Safety Team“ … It remains exciting.