Time goes by…

3. Juni 2018 Blog-en

…that’s the title of the Polaroid. And also the title, which is on the back of the calendar page from 3 June 2018 in the Photodarium calender.

Photodarium 2018-06-03
3rd of June at the Photodarium

Since the introduction of the Private Edition of the Photodarium (formerly Poladarium), more and more of my Polaroids have been found in the more explicit edition of the calendar.

Exceptions confirm the rule

We all know. And so there is actually a picture of me in the regular Photodarium.

Time goes by. Polaroid 2016
Polaroid of one of my few Lost Places shootings

I made the picture on a small Lost Place tour in 2016, somewhere in eastern Germany. Unfortunately, I don’t know the place anymore… 😉
New at that time was my I-1 Camera, with which I captured the Polaroid. Meanwhile, I do not use the camera so often, it has some quirks and is no longer on my list of favorites

The rest of the year, some of my motives will follow at both of the Photodarium. One more in the regular one and four more in the Photodarium Private.I’m really looking forward to the coming year… 🙂