Photodarium 2019 – Every year again!

12. Juli 2018 Blog-en

The current Photodarium is just halfway through, as the pre-order phase for Photodarium 2019 has already started.

On the homepage of Seltmann & Söhne you can already pre-order the calendars for 2019. Delivery should start at the beginning of August.

Photodarium 2019 Preorder

Even in the coming year, a few of my Polaroids are represented in both editions. You can find some Polaroids of mine in the regular Photodarium (one or two) and, of course, in its Private Edition (again a few more).

What makes me proud

Well, does not the picture on the cover of the Private Edition seems familiar to you? Quickly look into the Polaroid-Gallery …

Yes indeed, the choice of the publisher was actually on a photographed by me butt. The good piece belongs to MissPorcelain, with her I have already taken a few pictures.