Working with light and colors, Polaroid and Lomo’Instant

5. Juli 2018 Blog-en, Review-en

Photography is all about light and colors. No matter if little or much – light is needed. If I do not take pictures in black and white I like to bring a little more color into play. So also with my small instant picture color experiment.

Light and colors

For this I got colored transparent paper, got the Lomo’Instant Square and the Polaroid SLR 680 prepared and asked my favorite back as a motive in front of the camera.

For the Lomo’Instant I actually have small color gel filters for the flash. But who knows me, knows that I do not like to work with flashes. Except with the Holga and the ringflash, but that’s different… 😉

Papers I used were red, blue, green and yellow. I wanted to switch back and forth, so I simply held the paper strips in front of my photo lamp. The papers I used both simple and double-layered, but also combined.

The Lomo’Instant has a 10 second self-timer (which deactivates itself after each picture, what I had to determine unfortunately) – for the Polaroid SLR 680 I could operate with a remote trigger. I had only a photo lamp as light source and the paper has already darkened the light enormously, the remote or self-timer were also essential. I have achieved the best results with the red / blue combination, but I also like the others very much.

Hintern - Licht und Farben - Polaroid
Experimente mit Farbe

Cameras and films

Amazingly (no not really), the differences between the two films used were quite large. The Fuji Instax Mini with black frame had quite rich colors. The Polaroid Original, on the other hand, was quite flat in the result. Of course, the camera also plays an important role, but once again, the film of Fuji convinced me more than that of Polaroid (Impossible).

However, when looking for the right image detail, the SLR viewfinder had clear advantages. For the short distance between the subject and the camera, I needed a few test shots with the Lomo’Instant until the butt was where it should go.

Hintern - Licht und Farben - Polaroid
Polaroid kann auch gut mit wenig Licht

Film-cassettes as frames

By the way, you can use the empty Fuji Instax film cassettes as standing frames for your pictures. Which probably looks better with the black-framed mini-pictures than white-framed or colorful.

Fuji Instax-Rahmen
Die Plastik-Rahmen der Fuji Instax-Filme eignen sich prima als Fotorahmen

This is synonymous with the Polaroid Original cassettes, but they fall easier because they are more narrow … 😉 But to hang them on the wall, they are great.