Newsletter Number 1 was sent today

30. August 2018 Blog-en

Today, Newsletter Number 1 went out to all subscribers. Filled with blog posts and information from last month in a quick overview.

This is what it looks like in your mailbox (also available as english version):

Newsletter 1, 2018
Newsletter Ausgabe 1

What’s in it

I regularly link new posts and changes to my website on my channels on Facebook, Diaspora and Twitter. But, I know that also as my own experience, there is always a new blog which slips through and remains undetected. Especially since I use the Facebook account more in a private way and don’t be there much often…

In the monthly Newsletter I just want to briefly summarize the last posts and updates and provide an overview. No novels or spam.

At the end of the year I also want to make a small raffle among all newsletter subscribers. So it’s probably worth to subscribe twice as well…  😉

The link to to subscribe to the Newsletter can now be found on all pages of the homepage at the very end.