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27. August 2018 Blog-en

The todays Polaroid of the day at the Photodarium is again photographed by me. It was created in summer 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera.

Photodarium 2018-08-27
The 27th of August in the Photodarium together with the I-1 camera, with which I photographed the picture.

My appearances inside the regular Photodarium are now sparsely sown. This has several reasons. On the one hand, the calendar has achieved enormous popularity, quite like the photographing on Polaroid generally. Of course, that also means that many people take Polaroids and many also submit their pictures for the Photodarium. So the place is tight. On the other hand, many of my Polaroids are a little bit more explicit and so in good hands inside the Private Edition of the calendar.

Look into the past

Natural girl. 2016. Polaroid des Tages
Nature girl, 2016

The Polaroid of the day comes from the year 2016. I photographed it in the first year of my „resettlement“ to Wuerzburg. Not far from the city on a field in the shade of the adjacent forest and in a bright blue sky and tidy warm temperatures.
I used my, at that time still new, Impossible I-1 camera with associated I-Type color film.

Actually, the Polaroid is still one of my favorite to this day. I have already used it as a cover for the Photozine #3. And it’s also available as a set of postcards at the shop…

Look into the future

In the Photodarium 2019 are again some of my pictures. A few shots in the regular tear-off calendar, some more in the Private Edition. In addition, a picture of me decorates the packaging of the calendar in the coming year… 🙂


By the way… I want remember about the Newsletter. It appears from now on monthly and summarizes the past contributions etc. So nobody should miss anything.

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