T-Shirt with own photo on Pussycolor

6. August 2018 Blog-en

Inspirations are everywhere. For a new little project, I let myself be inspired by my favorite T-shirt and even designed a photo motif with my own pictures.

Because next photozine currently lingers on mental waiting loop and I’m also waiting for completing my work of my next Giddyheft series, I actually had time again for something else.

The idea with the T-shirt haunted me already longer in the head. Now I’ve also found the muse and was able to implement that.

The hardest part was finding suitable motives. The picture, which is finally printed on the T-shirt, consists of two layers. The lower level, the entrance of a laundromat somewhere in China Town of San Francisco, I photographed in 2010. The upper level was created during a shooting in 2006 with Jana Wildatheart in my Berlin studio apartment.

The two levels harmonize wonderful, I think. Even the Asian theme fits. In fact, I’m currently browsing through my archives for motives for a black and white T-shirt motif.

Printing and selling of the T-Shirt

The first print I made on Spreadshirt.de on a organic cotton shirt. This is great and has not lost any colors even during the first wash..

Shirt1 China-girl T-Shirt
Das erste Pussycolor-Shirt

If there are interests, I put the Shirt in my shop for pre-order. Then I would print a few copies. Sizes from S to XL are all possible. Likewise, in addition to the standard version, there is also a more physical version for the girls (or those who like to wear it that way).

Because the whole thing should run under any title, I have reactivated my old website pussycolor.de. All T-shirt prints are subtitled „pussycolor – Fashion & Photodesign made in Wuerzburg“. So far this site is still in construction site mode and will be activated if there are a few more T-shirt designs. Then also with shop, newsletter etc.