September in Photodarium Private

3. September 2018 Blog-en

September in Photodarium starts directly again with a picture photographed by me. Almost exactly like August has ended…  😎

This time with a calendar sheet in the Private Edition of the Photodarium 2018. Two more will follow this year.

Photodarium Private 2018-09-03
Der 3. September im Photodarium Private

I took the Polaroid in 2016 with my SLR 680 in a Berlin hotel in a small photo session.

Schwarze Tage, weiße Nächte - Philippe Dijan
Phillippe Djians „Schwarze Tage, weiße Nächte“

My interest in bondage and fetters in photography I discovered in Berlin. Promoting factors were on the one hand the novel „Dark days, white nights“ by Philippe Dijan (not only with good critisims) and on the other hand the various bondage performances at the Darkside Club in Berlin and the resulting contacts and friendships to the artists.

True to my motto „If you do something, then you’re right.“ I also expanded and deepened the subject of bondage with a workshop. Since then I like to come back to the topic of photography … if it suits …