Wild at Art 2018 in Wuerzburg

28. September 2018 Blog-en

This year I am there … Wild at Art 2018 at Wilde 13 in Wuerzburg from 20th to 21st of October!

Last year I had to pass. Since I was early to Berlin for Pornfilmfestival. This year there is a strict calculated schedule for Berlin and I am very excited. The opening day of the festival will be my first day in Berlin. And then I’m only there until Saturday.

So there is enough time to attend the Wilde 13 to Wild at Art 2018.

Self 2014 Polaroid

The plan is currently to show a series of Polaroids. In the rooms of the Wilde 13 a lot of big pictures will be shown. In between my Polaroids.

I don’t have an actual flyer right now. But I deliver it here as soon as it is available to me…

Update 2018-10-10: And here it is:

Wild at Art 2018 Flyer Postkarte
Wild at Art 2018, Flyer