In absence – Photodarium 2018

26. October 2018 Blog-en

Today is my last day at this year’s Pornfilmfestival in Berlin. Tomorrow I’m on my way back home. But I’ve been looking through the Photodarium 2018 a few days ago and picked todays day out.

Photodarium Private 2018-10-26
Der 26. Oktober im Photodarium Private

That’s also really the (pre-) last Polaroid of mine inside the Private Edition of the Photodarium 2018… 😉

Fits perfect to Pornfilmfestival!

Next year, we will start with full power… with a picture on the packaging and a few shots through the year.

As I know, the calendars (at least the Private Edition) is already sold out since the Frankfurt Book Fair. But I still have a few here. If you’re interested, call me.

Next week there will also be a small conclusion to Pornfilmfestival and certainly also one or the other photo…