Pornfilmfestival 2018 – Every year Berlin

29. October 2018 Blog-en

My week in Berlin because of the Pornfilmfestival 2018 is already over again.

But I also have to admit right away that I have not spent so much time at the festival this year. Only on Wednesday, 24.10., I was on site. Many pictures from the cinema and the other events can be seen on its official homepage.

But I had, as every year, interesting discussions, met old acquaintances and made new ones. Hi Peter… 😉

The presentation of the pictures and other installations inside the rooms of the Moviemento was different this year. On the one hand, the long wall in the lounge, where my pictures hung a few years ago, was completely darkened and free of pictures. In fact, almost every other wall was used for pictures and a monitor for a video installation.

Ashley Lake Pornfilmfestival 2018
Lounge of the Moviemento

This years curator Sandy Becker has selected a total of 12 artists from different countries to present their work. Before all the pictures of Ashley Lake I really liked very much.

I visited this year the presentation of 10 short films in the category Experimental Porn Shorts. The different films have almost convinced and knew how to please. Every year I am fascinated by the different approaches and implementations of the different topics. The short film “Gladom” by the Austrian Julia Polzer was perhaps the most surprising and remained in the memory. As soon as I find the movie online, I’ll link it. That the show was sold out on Wednesday evening (in fact, even overbooked) I do not really have to mention.

As I already announced in one of my last posts, I missed the presentation of the Short Film Competition this year. As I found out, the competition, which is always packed, was moved to another cinema due to capacity issues. Also there it was sold out directly. So the organizers have done everything right.

Red Corner. 2018

As written, I was only on Wednesday on site and have used the other days to meet acquaintances and to photograph. For this I was once again booked in at the Ostel. Unfortunately, the originally planned couple’s shoot couldn’t take place, but we also took some really nice solo parts… 😉

More pictures will follow soon…