Website online again

3. June 2019 Allgemein, Blog-en
Ralf Franz Fotodesign Webseite

Finally I made it – the website is online again. With a different layout and hopefully a little clearer.

The most important information can be found directly on the homepage after scrolling down. Via the “Hamburger” menu on the top right you will find the complete sitemap and keywords and with the social media bar on the right all the links to Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and diaspora* are reachable.

Ralf Franz Fotodesign Webseite
The homepage of the website after the re-launch

The content of the page has remained mostly identical. There are also subpages with a gallery, information on the photo zine and various publications.

Unfortunately there are still some mistakes hidden on the pages. So if you should not find working links or discover other mistakes, please let me know… 🙂

Where is the shop?

For the moment the shop is still missing. He was integrated directly into the old website. Now I’m looking for but another way.

I still have some residual copies of photozines and photo books (like the black squares photo book) at home. If you are interested, just send an e-mail to

Otherwise, there are still selected copies of the opportunity to order them directly from the publisher

In principle, the regular order in the bookstore by means of the respective ISBN number. Directly over Epubli but it goes faster…

Why has it taken such long till the website was online again?

Unfortunately, it took a few days longer to bring the website back online…

Of course that had reasons. First, I had to revise the server structure a bit. Of course, this was only noticeable after the new layout was ready and then I had to check and adjust the links and image links again.

Wild At Art 2019
Preparations for the Wild At Art 2019

In addition, there is a lot going on and there is a lot going on right now. Our little family will grow in September, I also started a distance learning course and in two weeks the Wild At Art 2019 will take place. I have to do a little something…


…in fact, the lab-box should finally arrive sometime. At least the first deliveries are expected at the end of June. After two years of production…