Wild At Art 2019 – Summer, sun and more…

21. June 2019 Blog-en

This year’s Wild At Art 2019 is now almost a week over and meanwhile my summer flu has almost completely gone away. Time for a quick review …

gamesweplay Wild At Art 2019
My two canvases for the Wild At Art 2019

In contrast to last year, when Wild At Art took place later in 2018, the weather in mid of June 2019 was much better.

So on Saturday the performances shifted completely to the outdoor area and the bands also played under the blue sky. As a result, there was something going on all day at the courtyard of the Wilde 13.

In the interior of the Wilden 13 there was more space to look at the works of Anja Meixner, Lars Kuhfuß, Daniela Enedi Pahle, Reinhold “egon” Groeger and myself.

gamesweplay Wild At Art 2019
There’s a lot to discover… #gamesweplay


…that’s what I called my two canvases.

Using some of the last years editions of the Photodarium (Private Edition), I have accommodated countless of my favorites on the two canvases. Of course also some of my Polaroids… 😉

Thank you very much for the inspiring conversations, including with Angelika Summa and Teresita Seib.

Wild At Art 2019 – What remain…

Sadly, I was unable to witness the Sunday on the spot, as the summer flu sneaking up on me had caught me.

In the meantime I am feeling better again, so that next week I want to prepare Wilde 13 for upcoming projects… 🙂

Ausstellungs-Tee Wild At Art 2019
Time for a tea at the exhibition