The film development project

15. November 2019 Blog-en

Now it took a few weeks before I could do anything related to photography and especially my current film development project.

Over the last 3 years, some exposed film roles (medium format and small picture) have accumulated and there have already been some legitimate questions about their whereabouts.


The films have not remained lying down but not only because I just did not have time to develop … the keywords here are: family and study, but also because there were some quarrels around the Lab-Box.

The Lab-Box by Ars-Imago is a daylight movie development box funded by Kickstarter. In March 2017, the campaign ended and nearly 4,800 people brought in around € 650,000.
After that, there were some difficulties and delays in the production and so on. Since I do not want to dwell on it (if you are interested in Kickstarter, you can read the updates and comments, etc.).

In any case, the little black box has finally arrived but is still waiting for a first test run. The films are ready. So it could start.

I would have …

And, if I had not been so spoiled this week, and forgotten the film rolls at home in the fridge, then I could have developed the first test films … …

Instead, it was just for a selfie in the mirror served and the film development is postponed to next week. But then really … 🙂

Selbstportrait Wilde 13

Oh yes, there will be a new newsletter soon. Unfortunately there was a few weeks rest … I promise improvement!

But my Patreon is still running steadily and is being provided with pictures. Then there will surely be the first previews of the development results …