Corona update April

19. April 2020 Allgemein, Blog-en
Corona-Update April #outofmyarchive

In the last blog post I had told you about my first attempts at film development with the Lab-Box, but with this Corona update I have to row back a bit.

Immediately after my last contribution, the initial restriction came here and in the course of social distancing I am currently not visiting to the Wilde 13.

Corona-Update Schutzmaske

Of course, my freshly prepared developer fluid is now also there, which I can probably make ready for disposal on my next visit. According to my information it only lasts for 14 days… 🙁

But I am now of good hope that with the next loosenings also again excursions become possible. Then I can start developing the next films and give another “Corona update”.

In addition, the one or other shooting is already in planning…

Until then, I have now dug out more scans from the archive, also for my Patreon account, to fill the time until the new films.

From time to time I post the one or other #outofmyarchive on Instagram. The following picture was actually “too hot” for Insta and had to be censored… 😉

Corona-Update April #outofmyarchive
Too hot for Instagram… 😉