ByeBye 2020, byebye Patreon!

17. December 2020 Allgemein, Blog-en App @ralffranz

Also in the Corona year 2020 I had problems with censorship of my pictures. On Instagram, some of them were not censored enough and were therefore deleted again. At the end of the year, Patreon came forward (also for the 2nd time in total) and reported violations of the (new?) guidelines.

With Instagram I already decided some time ago to change my uploads in that I no longer upload pictures that I would have to censor. On Patreon, you are no longer allowed to post all the pictures for your supporters. Until now, this only affected the public area, but now even pictures that I had only posted for the internal area have been objected to. As a result, I now say Byebye Patreon and have unfortunately had to delete the account again.

I had been toying with the idea of switching to for the past few weeks, but it hasn’t come to that yet. Let’s see… App @ralffranz

For now, I have found a temporary solution in the app. There’s a NSFW filter there where I can post uncensored images that way. The only catch is that users of the app who want to see pictures with NSFW filters have to have their account verified and activated for 4 €.

Nothing of this is currently reaching the content creators, but perhaps this will change in the near future. According to the website, they are at least working on it.

So if you want to take a look at the app, you can find me there at @ralffranz.

On Instagram I have just sorted out some pictures. I’ll certainly go over that again in the next few days. I’ll be expanding the account in the near future.

Like to subscribe to me there as well and write to me… 🙂

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