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ByeBye 2020, byebye Patreon!

17. December 2020 Allgemein, Blog-en

Also in the Corona year 2020 I had problems with censorship of my pictures. On Instagram, some of them were not censored enough and were therefore deleted again. At the end of the year, Patreon came forward (also for the 2nd time in total) and reported violations of the (new?) guidelines. With Instagram I already decided some time ago to change my uploads in that I no longer upload pictures that I would have to censor. On Patreon, you areRead More

Selbstportrait 2017

Lockdown also in the blog

1. November 2020 Allgemein, Blog-en

It’s been a bit quiet here for a while now, almost as if the blog has gone into lockdown. Of course, there are reasons for this quietness… After I developed the remaining films in June and July, I have only been able to start one new shoot since then. And since July, since my last podcast episode, I haven’t been able to do anything new. REASONS FOR THE “LOCKDOWN” The reasons for this are not only the Corona pandemic, butRead More

Corona-Update April #outofmyarchive

Corona update April

19. April 2020 Allgemein, Blog-en

In the last blog post I had told you about my first attempts at film development with the Lab-Box, but with this Corona update I have to row back a bit. Immediately after my last contribution, the initial restriction came here and in the course of social distancing I am currently not visiting to the Wilde 13. Of course, my freshly prepared developer fluid is now also there, which I can probably make ready for disposal on my next visit.Read More

Wild At Art 2019 Polaroidleinwand #gamesweplay

#gamesweplay – Wild At Art 2019

4. June 2019 Allgemein, Blog-en

My two polaroid canvas titled #gamesweplay for the Wild At Art at the Wilde 13 are, almost, finished. Yesterday I finalized them. The two screens just have to be painted and hung. But that is done quickly. The steps before you can see here. For Facebook or Instagram, I had to censor the photos for reasons, before the moral guardians strike again. And since now (or always) private messages are monitored and censored, it’s best to come to the WildenRead More

Ralf Franz Fotodesign Webseite

Website online again

3. June 2019 Allgemein, Blog-en

Finally I made it – the website is online again. With a different layout and hopefully a little clearer. The most important information can be found directly on the homepage after scrolling down. Via the “Hamburger” menu on the top right you will find the complete sitemap and keywords and with the social media bar on the right all the links to Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and diaspora* are reachable. The content of the page has remained mostly identical.Read More