The film development project

15. November 2019 Blog-en

Now it took a few weeks before I could do anything related to photography and especially my current film development project. Over the last 3 years, some exposed film roles (medium format and small picture) have accumulated and there have already been some legitimate questions about their whereabouts. The films have not remained lying down but not only because I just did not have time to develop … the keywords here are: family and study, but also because there wereRead More

Out for a little trip with camera and model

24. August 2018 Blog-en

Before summer ends I was out for a little trip with camera and model. I packed my Seagull 4a-1, the Polaroid SLR 680 and the Fuji Finepix S3pro. The above picture was taken with the Polaroid camera. More results will be available soon here and on all channels. Location was near a forest in the surrounding area, which I have visited several times now. Two and a half years ago, when I moved back from the big city Berlin toRead More

Friedrichshain Mall Lomography Belair

Taking pictures on film

28. March 2018 Blog-en

So I really started taking pictures on film around the year 2004. Since that time a lot of negative films have accumulated in my archive … After first steps with my first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 995), I came to photography on film relatively quickly.With a first small Nikon F55 I photographed the first things. In addition, I also experimented a lot. From the Lomography action cam to the Fed 5… There were a lot of different cameras. IRead More