Social media, Ralf, Social media…

6. February 2019 Blog-en

After careful consideration, I have now decided to do a little more Social-Media and to become active on Facebook again. Recently I’ve got my account on Facebook deleted, because a) again and again posts were deleted, b) I was also muted for 24 hours and c) there were not so much resonance on my activities there. Why Social-Media again? There are several reasons for more activity in social media. On the one hand, the whole topic currently also occupies meRead More

Wilde 13

What will happen in 2019? Plans for 2019

27. January 2019 Blog-en

I am very big in making plans. So what will happen in 2019? What are the plans for 2019? There are a few construction sites. For one, a new Photozine would be necessary again. On the other hand, the T-shirt is already finished and waiting for duplication or other stuff. I’m also waiting for the laaaaange lab box announced by ars-imago, and I am also curious about the further development in the Wilden 13. But one by one… Photography &Read More

Giddyheft at Christmas

18. December 2018 Blog-en

Every year again for Christmas –Giddyheft and Jungsheft Like every year, the new issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft have been released right before Christmas. The Giddyheft #22 also contains another series I photographed. The Jungsheft is already celebrating a small anniversary with issue #25. As usual, you can order the new mags on the official website. Or you can find them in selected shops nearby. Jenz visiting For the series in the current issue I was able to win the wonderful JenzRead More

Plans for 2019 and a review

14. December 2018 Blog-en

The year is almost over and it’s time for a glimpse of the past and a look ahead to the New Year and my plans for 2019. A little something was going on this year. On the one hand there were my meeting with wonderful Jenz Mau, where we also have made pictures for the Giddyheft. Then, to stay with the same Giddyheft, there was this summer also the long-announced Cologne party, to which the creators of Jungsheft and GiddyheftRead More

Soon in the next Giddyheft

4. October 2018 Blog-en

Also in the upcoming Giddyheft a series photographed by me will be represented. Taken in the spring of this year… Clearly I was traveling in the woods. Hunting, so to speak… And who digs back a little in the blog entries, who will certainly find out who I was with at the time… 🙂

Hot June… Giddyheft and Jungsheft

8. June 2018 Blog-en

June continues well. Now great post from Cologne has reached me. And although there are now the latest issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft ready to order… 🙂 Also in issue 21 of Giddyheftes a new series photographed by me is included. In “good’ol tradition” I continue to try to integrate localities of my “everyday life” into the series. This time I was with charming Stephie in my favorite Würzburg pub. Well, who recognizes the stairs? Jungsheft comes already to issue 24. So it’s actually timeRead More

Giddyheft 01

Jungsheft and Giddyheft – a look back

27. February 2018 Blog-en

I made my first pictures for Giddyheft in 2011 for issue 8. Meanwhile, we have 2018 and Jungsheft and Giddyheft have arrived at issues 23 and 20. Since then I had photo series in many issues and also on one or another cover. Time for a quick review. The magazine Jungsheft and Giddyheft are both self-published DIY magazines. They appear several times a year and contain various (more or less explicit) photo series, interviews, reports and much more. Everything revolvesRead More

Ready, set, Studio

8. February 2018 Blog-en

So I can announce that the equipment of the new studio is almost complete. Soon there will be photos of the construction. From now on, I can photograph and work in the rooms of the Wilde 13 in Wuerzburg. I brought my photo background, at least the tripods, from Berlin. Only a new molton background I had to get. Other backgrounds will follow. Studio flashes are available. A first of my day-light lamps is already there. Until all is complete andRead More

The year comes to its end – reviewing 2017

11. December 2017 Blog-en

The year 2017 is coming to an end. So it’s time for a small review of the year and a lookout after 2018. Some interesting things happened in 2017. In addition, it was a relatively productive year. In 2017, 3 new photozines have been released. One regular (#4), one completely self made (#5) and the last one (#6) parallel to my small exhibition with the theme “Through Space and Time”. A small conclusion to the exhibition can be found here.Read More