Wild At Art 2019 – Summer, sun and more…

21. June 2019 Blog-en

This year’s Wild At Art 2019 is now almost a week over and meanwhile my summer flu has almost completely gone away. Time for a quick review … In contrast to last year, when Wild At Art took place later in 2018, the weather in mid of June 2019 was much better. So on Saturday the performances shifted completely to the outdoor area and the bands also played under the blue sky. As a result, there was something going onRead More

Tag des Hintern - Photodarium 06-03-2019

Day of the butt – Photodarium

8. March 2019 Blog-en

Anyone who looks into the Photodarium (Private Edition) today sees that it’s day of the butt … in any case, I’ll call it so right now… 🙂 Day of the butt – 6th of March The butt of MissPorcelain can also be seen the hole year on the packaging of the Photodarium Private. Today he finds his emphasis in words again. On the back of the calendar page you can read: Butts are my favourite motifs right now.They look soRead More

Photodarium end of 2018 is here

22. December 2018 Blog-en

My personal Photodarium end of 2018 takes place today with a final picture inside the Private Edition. So December 22nd brings my #picoftheday and tells of a small private Tea-time which took place in Berlin… 😉 But I also missed the picture of December 8th. For the birthday of Miiiezekatze a picture from one of our past shootings could be seen in the Photodarium… I would like to submit this now.

Winners of the 3 Photodarium

10. December 2018 Blog-en

Congratulations to the winners of the three Photodarium calendars! The winners of the Photodarium raffle are already notified  and the packages will be send immediately, as soon as I have a shipping address. I am glad that despite the delay (thanks to Facebook) some people came into my newsletter list. Thanks to all who participated. Congratulations again at this point and heads up to all who didn’t won this time. The next raffle is coming…  😎 The monthly newsletter usuallyRead More

Photodarium raffle comes to its end

28. November 2018 Blog-en

As a small reminder: In a few days ends my Photodarium raffle. I’m giving away a Photodarium 2019 of the Private Edition. And all you have to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter… This year a total of seven Polaroids made it into the Private Edition of the Photodarium. Including the picture on the packaging. For the 2020 edition, I’m currently still collecting motives. I think it’s  possible to get some Polaroids from the upcoming Giddyheft into it. SoldRead More

Newsletter – Raffle

31. October 2018 Blog-en

These days my monthly newsletter number 3 rolls out to all subscribers. In November/December there will be a raffle among all registered subscribers. I will give away an edition of the Photodarium 2019 in the Private Edition among all subscribers of my monthly newsletter. If you have not registered yet, you are welcome to catch up. The raffle ends with the appearance of the next newsletter in December. Then I will also notify the winner of the Photodarium. Good luck!

In absence – Photodarium 2018

26. October 2018 Blog-en

Today is my last day at this year’s Pornfilmfestival in Berlin. Tomorrow I’m on my way back home. But I’ve been looking through the Photodarium 2018 a few days ago and picked todays day out. That’s also really the (pre-) last Polaroid of mine inside the Private Edition of the Photodarium 2018… 😉 Fits perfect to Pornfilmfestival! Next year, we will start with full power… with a picture on the packaging and a few shots through the year. As I know,Read More

September in Photodarium Private

3. September 2018 Blog-en

September in Photodarium starts directly again with a picture photographed by me. Almost exactly like August has ended…  😎 This time with a calendar sheet in the Private Edition of the Photodarium 2018. Two more will follow this year. I took the Polaroid in 2016 with my SLR 680 in a Berlin hotel in a small photo session. My interest in bondage and fetters in photography I discovered in Berlin. Promoting factors were on the one hand the novel “Dark days,Read More

Polaroid of the day – Photodarium

27. August 2018 Blog-en

The todays Polaroid of the day at the Photodarium is again photographed by me. It was created in summer 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera. My appearances inside the regular Photodarium are now sparsely sown. This has several reasons. On the one hand, the calendar has achieved enormous popularity, quite like the photographing on Polaroid generally. Of course, that also means that many people take Polaroids and many also submit their pictures for the Photodarium. So the place is tight.Read More

Photodarium 2019 – Every year again!

12. July 2018 Blog-en

The current Photodarium is just halfway through, as the pre-order phase for Photodarium 2019 has already started. On the homepage of Seltmann & Söhne you can already pre-order the calendars for 2019. Delivery should start at the beginning of August. Even in the coming year, a few of my Polaroids are represented in both editions. You can find some Polaroids of mine in the regular Photodarium (one or two) and, of course, in its Private Edition (again a few more). WhatRead More

Photodarium Private – the 3rd

16. June 2018 Blog-en

Today, June 16th, there is the third Polaroid in this year’s Photodarium Private of mine. I photographed it in summer of 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera on a Sunday summer walk. A few more pictures in the Photodarium Private will follow this year… 😉 Continues on 3rd of September. Who should have missed the first two Polaroids: that was the 9th of January and the 5th of April. Both calendars, the standard edition and the private edition, can nowRead More

Time goes by…

3. June 2018 Blog-en

…that’s the title of the Polaroid. And also the title, which is on the back of the calendar page from 3 June 2018 in the Photodarium calender. Since the introduction of the Private Edition of the Photodarium (formerly Poladarium), more and more of my Polaroids have been found in the more explicit edition of the calendar. Exceptions confirm the rule We all know. And so there is actually a picture of me in the regular Photodarium. I made the pictureRead More

Everything as New

18. January 2018 Blog-en

The first two weeks of January have already come to an end. I’m one year older and the move within Wuerzburg is almost over. Now Everything as New. These days the new Lomo’Instant Square Camera should reach me. I am already looking forward. And I will of course report on first results and tests. In addition, I expect in January the delivery of the remainder of my first published photobook “black squares”. There will also be a small promotion in the shop.AndRead More