Private Edition

Photodarium end of 2018 is here

22. December 2018 Blog-en

My personal Photodarium end of 2018 takes place today with a final picture inside the Private Edition. So December 22nd brings my #picoftheday and tells of a small private Tea-time which took place in Berlin… 😉 But I also missed the picture of December 8th. For the birthday of Miiiezekatze a picture from one of our past shootings could be seen in the Photodarium… I would like to submit this now.

Photodarium raffle comes to its end

28. November 2018 Blog-en

As a small reminder: In a few days ends my Photodarium raffle. I’m giving away a Photodarium 2019 of the Private Edition. And all you have to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter… This year a total of seven Polaroids made it into the Private Edition of the Photodarium. Including the picture on the packaging. For the 2020 edition, I’m currently still collecting motives. I think it’s  possible to get some Polaroids from the upcoming Giddyheft into it. SoldRead More

Newsletter – Raffle

31. October 2018 Blog-en

These days my monthly newsletter number 3 rolls out to all subscribers. In November/December there will be a raffle among all registered subscribers. I will give away an edition of the Photodarium 2019 in the Private Edition among all subscribers of my monthly newsletter. If you have not registered yet, you are welcome to catch up. The raffle ends with the appearance of the next newsletter in December. Then I will also notify the winner of the Photodarium. Good luck!

Polaroid of the day – Photodarium

27. August 2018 Blog-en

The todays Polaroid of the day at the Photodarium is again photographed by me. It was created in summer 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera. My appearances inside the regular Photodarium are now sparsely sown. This has several reasons. On the one hand, the calendar has achieved enormous popularity, quite like the photographing on Polaroid generally. Of course, that also means that many people take Polaroids and many also submit their pictures for the Photodarium. So the place is tight.Read More