Soon in the next Giddyheft

4. Oktober 2018 Blog-en

Also in the upcoming Giddyheft a series photographed by me will be represented. Taken in the spring of this year… Clearly I was traveling in the woods. Hunting, so to speak… And who digs back a little in the blog entries, who will certainly find out who I was with at the time… 🙂

Hot June… Giddyheft and Jungsheft

8. Juni 2018 Blog-en

June continues well. Now great post from Cologne has reached me. And although there are now the latest issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft ready to order… 🙂 Also in issue 21 of Giddyheftes a new series photographed by me is included. In „good’ol tradition“ I continue to try to integrate localities of my „everyday life“ into the series. This time I was with charming Stephie in my favorite Würzburg pub. Well, who recognizes the stairs? Jungsheft comes already to issue 24. So it’s actually timeWeiterlesen

Jungsheft and Giddyheft – a look back

27. Februar 2018 Blog-en

I made my first pictures for Giddyheft in 2011 for issue 8. Meanwhile, we have 2018 and Jungsheft and Giddyheft have arrived at issues 23 and 20. Since then I had photo series in many issues and also on one or another cover. Time for a quick review. The magazine Jungsheft and Giddyheft are both self-published DIY magazines. They appear several times a year and contain various (more or less explicit) photo series, interviews, reports and much more. Everything revolvesWeiterlesen

Ready, set, Studio

8. Februar 2018 Blog-en

So I can announce that the equipment of the new studio is almost complete. Soon there will be photos of the construction. From now on, I can photograph and work in the rooms of the Wilde 13 in Wuerzburg. I brought my photo background, at least the tripods, from Berlin. Only a new molton background I had to get. Other backgrounds will follow. Studio flashes are available. A first of my day-light lamps is already there. Until all is complete andWeiterlesen

The year comes to its end – reviewing 2017

11. Dezember 2017 Blog-en

The year 2017 is coming to an end. So it’s time for a small review of the year and a lookout after 2018. Some interesting things happened in 2017. In addition, it was a relatively productive year. In 2017, 3 new photozines have been released. One regular (#4), one completely self made (#5) and the last one (#6) parallel to my small exhibition with the theme „Through Space and Time“. A small conclusion to the exhibition can be found here.Weiterlesen