Photodarium 2019 – Every year again!

12. Juli 2018 Blog-en

The current Photodarium is just halfway through, as the pre-order phase for Photodarium 2019 has already started. On the homepage of Seltmann & Söhne you can already pre-order the calendars for 2019. Delivery should start at the beginning of August. Even in the coming year, a few of my Polaroids are represented in both editions. You can find some Polaroids of mine in the regular Photodarium (one or two) and, of course, in its Private Edition (again a few more). WhatWeiterlesen

Working with light and colors, Polaroid and Lomo’Instant

5. Juli 2018 Blog-en, Review-en

Photography is all about light and colors. No matter if little or much – light is needed. If I do not take pictures in black and white I like to bring a little more color into play. So also with my small instant picture color experiment. Light and colors For this I got colored transparent paper, got the Lomo’Instant Square and the Polaroid SLR 680 prepared and asked my favorite back as a motive in front of the camera. ForWeiterlesen

I pack my suitcase – Which camera …

19. Dezember 2017 Blog-en

Before every trip I pack my suitcase and face the same difficult decision: Which camera(s) will I take with me? I often let myself be guided by whether I’m in the mood for film, Polaroid or digital. In addition the existing space in the suitcase plays an essential role, because someone has to carry it. And, of course, the „What and where will I take pictures?“ is very important. The word „cameras“ already tells – most times I can notWeiterlesen