Jenz Mau

Maubeschau project

27. Juni 2018 Blog-en

No advertising for me today, but for the wonderful project by Jenz Mau, who has drawn a coloring book on the topic „Menstruation and Period“ called Maubeschau and wants to bring it out now. In April Jenz visited us here in Würzburg. At that time the work on her coloring book was still in full swing. But I’m happy that she still found time come her to take some photos. Meanwhile Maubeschau has reached the financing phase at Startnext and itsWeiterlesen

First Polaroids from the studio

24. April 2018 Blog-en

These days I’m quite busy. There is a lot to be done, there are still some things to be clarified. So here’s a little life sign from me and some first polaroids from the studio. In the middle of the month we had a weekend visit here in Würzburg from the wonderful Jenz Mau. One day we spent at the Wilde 13 and another day we visited the forest. There are a lot of photographs… Now, hopefully, I’ll get to workWeiterlesen