Photodarium Private – the 3rd

16. Juni 2018 Blog-en

Today, June 16th, there is the third Polaroid in this year’s Photodarium Private of mine. I photographed it in summer of 2016 with my Impossible I-1 camera on a Sunday summer walk. A few more pictures in the Photodarium Private will follow this year… 😉 Continues on 3rd of September. Who should have missed the first two Polaroids: that was the 9th of January and the 5th of April. Both calendars, the standard edition and the private edition, can nowWeiterlesen

Hot June… Giddyheft and Jungsheft

8. Juni 2018 Blog-en

June continues well. Now great post from Cologne has reached me. And although there are now the latest issues of Giddyheft and Jungsheft ready to order… 🙂 Also in issue 21 of Giddyheftes a new series photographed by me is included. In „good’ol tradition“ I continue to try to integrate localities of my „everyday life“ into the series. This time I was with charming Stephie in my favorite Würzburg pub. Well, who recognizes the stairs? Jungsheft comes already to issue 24. So it’s actually timeWeiterlesen

Group exhibition „Through space and time“

27. September 2017 Blog-en

From October 7th to 8th, 2017 the „Zellerauer Kulturtage“ („Culture days Zellerau“) will take place in Würzburg. On Sunday is Bürgerbräu-day and a lot of different things will be offered at the whole area. A group exhibition with the name „Through space and time“ will also feature some of my studio work. From 11 am to 6 pm on 8th of October you can meet met in the offices of CMS – Cross Media Solutions (which you will find above the Kino Central).Weiterlesen

Fetish & Nudes photobooks

7. Juni 2017 Blog-en

Earlier this year, the last of these Fetish & Nudes books has found a new owner. Now I could get some of the photo books again. In both books you can find some of my photographs. If you’re interested contact me or buy them at Amazon… Fetish Fantasies: The Best Of International Fetish Photography -> ISBN: 978-3-93-999877-8 Nudes 3: The Best of International Nudes Photography Vol. 3 -> ISBN: 978-3-93-999882-2