Soon on Patreon

21. November 2017 Blog-en

As announced a few days ago on my Patreon account, I am currently preparing some of the first photozines as PDF downloads. These will only be available exclusively as rewards on Patreon. Furthermore, I will probably set some of the self-portraits Polaroids there first. For Instagram they certainly show a little too much… 😉 And it looks like I’ve found a new photographic home. If you like to call it so. A studio/area in Würzburg, where I can do aWeiterlesen

Last films of Polaroid

14. November 2017 Blog-en

Last November weekend, I photographed my last three Peel-A-Part Polaroid films. On the one hand there was a last Fuji FP-100 silk, a Polaroid 100 sepia film and some last pictures of the Polaroid Viva Color. For the first two films I used my Polaroid 330, I still had the Viva film in my Holga Polaroid back. The Viva has been slumbering for several years in the Polaroid back of the Holga and I was not sure if there wouldWeiterlesen